Top Browser Extensions in this weeks Link Roundup

Frances / 26th April 2013 / Comment / Link Roundup

Howdy Wheelhouse friends,

We thought for this week’s Friday Link Roundup we would cover some of our favorite browser plug-ins and extensions. These nifty gadgets help speed up our work, add additional data and color to our research, and help us optimize our time.

Favorite Extentions

Check them out and tell us in the comments your favorite extension (Editor’s note: Most of these are Chrome extensions, but many are also available across multiple browsers).

1. ShareMetric Chrome Extension (Chrome only)

For social media snap shots we love this great tool from Content Harmony. It shows you how many times the content on the page has been shared across a selection of social platforms.

2. Raven Tools Toolbar (Chrome only)

As Raven Tool users here in the office, we use the Ravel ToolBar for Chrome pretty much every day. It lets us add build media lists and add contact information quickly and easily.

3. Check My Links (Chrome only)

As link builders, any tool that helps us monitor and build links for our clients is a winner. Check My Links quickly scans a page and highlights broken links in red, and good links in green. The icon also shows a total link count.

4. Mozbar

If you work in SEO then make sure you have this extension. It provides extensive data on search engine results pages (SERPs), link metrics (links to the page, internal links, etc.) and page attributes (domain authority, page authority, etc.).

5. Ghostery

This is a great widget for ensuring web privacy. It surfaces trackers and scripts on a page and lets you block the ones you do not trust.

6. Google Tag Assistant (Chrome only)

Google Tag Assistant (GTA) helps you uncover any mistakes in your Google Analytics and/or Adwords conversion tracking code. This great Chrome extension will identify and verify all tags present on a page.

7. GA Debugger (Chrome only)

Similar to GTA, but this extension will tell you if your general Google Analytics code has been set up incorrectly.

8. LastPass

This one is a lifesaver! It is a highly secure and trusted service used to manage and store account information and passwords. Never forget your login credentials again!


If you’re like me you have, on average, 25 tabs open in your browser at any given time. lets you save all open tabs as a bookmark/link to come back to later. It’s a great time saver and helps me keep my tabs under control!

10. SEO Site Tools (Chrome only)

This extension is the most comprehensive SEO tool you can use. It pulls data from multiple sources and gives you the best SEO snap shot of a page.

11. Awesome Screenshot

Quickly capture a section of a page, annotate it (with text and symbols), blur out info, crop, erase and much more with this easy tool! We think this is the best screenshot tool out there.

12. YSlow

With this tool you can analyze why a web page is running slowly. It will give you suggestions for improving speed, performance analysis and page stats.

Tell us your favorite extensions in the comments and we’ll add the best ones to our growing list…

By Frances