Generosity Day 4: Developing Human Connections

Talia Escandar / 31st October 2016 / Comment / Culture
First Graders and Group Hugs

First Graders and Group Hugs

A Focus on Generosity

Generosity Day began at Wheelhouse with a single guiding principal – to make sure that we provide the greatest help we can directly to people who need it.

We accomplish this by organizing into teams and empowering those teams to decide upon the people and groups in which we want to invest our time and the budget provided by Wheelhouse.

In the process, we get to know one another better, including the issues, causes and passions that are important to each of us. We also are able to help multiple groups in a single day — increasing our value and impact in the community. Finally, we have the privilege of spending time with some of the people we are able to help. (To learn more about why we implemented the tradition of Generosity Day, check out our blog post: Developing Our Values Through Generosity Day.)

“Divide and Conquer” Strategy

On October 21, we divided into three groups and spread out across the city to help out various groups in need. We named our teams after some of our values: Joy, Helpfulness, and Empathy. Because, values 🙂

Team Joy

donorschooseTeam Joy was focused on supporting grade school education at Mount View Elementary in the Highline School District in Seattle. Through, an organization that connects individuals with public school classrooms in need, we identified a high-poverty school we wanted to help. We funded three separate classroom projects to support math, reading, STEM, technology, multicultural and special needs education. We spent most of the day wrangling energetic first graders and reading books with them.

Bringing joy into the lives of first graders – who have limited resources but a passion for learning – was an experience that epitomizes Generosity Day here at Wheelhouse.
– Taylor Owens, Strategist (& Coolest Kid in the School Yard)

Team Helpfulness

world-reliefTeam Helpfulness partnered with World Relief Seattle, a refugee resettlement agency helping refugees and asylum seekers from around the world find a home in the Seattle area. We helped run a job training class, conducted mock interviews, and had the pleasure of participating in “tea time” with local refugees, where we heard their incredible stories and challenges.

Generosity Day is part of what drew me to Wheelhouse to begin with. Community building and engagement are so central to my life, it’s a beautiful feeling to be part of a company culture that actively works to cultivate these values alongside one another. It’s an experience I’ll look forward to every quarter. The chance to work with a community that I’m not necessarily familiar with, to create new connections and help others in a very direct and tangible way, and to have experiences that perhaps widen my worldview.
– Sunni Campbell, Sr. Associate

Team Empathy

nh_1Team Empathy focused on helping homeless youth around Greater Seattle. They worked with local non-profit, New Horizons, to assess the organization’s current needs, provide meal services, and engage with the residents.

I really enjoyed volunteering at New Horizons… They do an incredible job of providing the support and resources needed to get homeless young adults started down a path of independence and stability. Helping young adults — many who grew up in foster homes, troubled families, or other desperate situations — was especially impactful for me. This experience really made us realize how much we take for granted every day.
– Patrick King, Paid Search Analyst


Wheelhouse in the Community

We’re working to become more involved members of our community. To learn more about some of the other organizations and people we’ve helped, check out our In the Community page.

To connect with us about new volunteer opportunities for our team, please contact our Generosity Day Committee Chair.

By Talia Escandar