Guest Blogging Opportunities: Part 1

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Where to Find Them & Maximizing Your Results | Part 1

A few months ago, I posted a summary of link building strategies beyond guest blogging. Now that we’ve covered the other options, let’s look at how to execute an effective guest blogging campaign — while not the only strategy for link building, it’s a popular one for a reason!

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Assess the guest blogging “market”

I mentioned in my other post that some niches don’t take well to guest blogging (such as medicine). Before you begin drafting guest blogs, be sure to scope out the guest blogging scene in your niche. KISSmetrics’ wonderful guest blogging guide suggests conducting a series of Google searches using queries such as “keyword ‘guest post’/keyword ‘accepting guest posts’/keyword ‘guest post guidelines’”, substituting the important keywords in your industry for keyword. This is a great strategy, as it will give you a sense of how much guest blogging activity already exists in your niche. Additionally, this should supply you with a preliminary list of bloggers to contact.

Draft a list of blogs to contact

Once you’ve finished your initial research, there are a few ways to build upon your list of potential guest blog targets. Take a look at Buzz Blogger’s excellent list of 500+ places to post guest content, which provides links to the guest blogging information page of hundreds of blogs in various niches. When assessing whether or not to pitch a post to a blog, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Has the blog been updated recently? While this seems obvious, it’s easy to bookmark a great looking blog without checking the latest posting date. However, a blogger who hasn’t updated in the past year may not even be monitoring their blog anymore, let alone accepting guest posts. That said, if the blogger regularly leaves multi-month intervals between guest posts, then he or she may just be picky, in which case you might consider trying your luck.


  1. What is the blog’s domain ranking? There are several tools on the web that allow you to see a page’s “authority”. Authority is a metric that gives you an idea of how well a page might be evaluated by Google’s algorithm. Therefore, the higher a site’s domain authority, the more a guest post from the site will be valuable to your link profile. SEOMoz has an excellent browser add-on that tells you both the domain and individual page authority of any webpage you visit. Looking at a blog’s authority is an excellent way to determine the amount of time worth spending on it.


  1. Does the blog promote its content? Check the blog’s social media platforms to see if they mention recent guest posts. Bloggers who promote guest posts on social media will win you more traffic than those who don’t. Social media promotion is particularly important when you are looking to gain a reputation in your niche.

For tips on how to pitch a guest blog post, look out for part two of this blog series.

By Kay