Wheelhouse DMG Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2017

Ryan Gibson / 1st June 2017 / Comments: 1 / Awards

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When I started with Wheelhouse earlier this year, I knew I was joining a special organization. And now Inc. Magazine has verified what I know to be true.

Today, we’re proud to be named one of the Best Workplaces in 2017 by Inc Magazine.

Being one of Inc’s Best Workplaces puts us in elite company.

There are millions of private companies in the US, thousands of whom applied to Inc. Their applications were considered, their employees extensively surveyed and, in the end, Wheelhouse DMG was one of 200 companies to be selected for this national recognition. Perhaps it’s not surprising, as Wheelhouse has previously been recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the 20 Best Workplaces among mid-size companies in Washington State.

Empowering our teams to build a culture that’s collaborative ensures we’re aligned with our twin, complementary missions of being both the best possible partner for each of our clients and the best possible place to work for as many employees as possible.

Of course, Wheelhouse offers solid benefits like 4% 401k match, 100% medical, gym memberships and a fully stocked kitchen (including snacks). But in addition to our culture, there are two examples that I think help highlight why we’re in the top private workplaces in the United States:

  • Generosity is a core value at Wheelhouse DMG. One of the ways the company puts this value into action is through quarterly “Generosity Days” during which all employees are given a day off (with pay) for the sole purpose of providing service to the people, organizations and causes they care about in our community. And the company bolsters their service with donations of cash and/or goods to the organizations that we help.
  • One of the most surprising aspects of Wheelhouse culture is a belief in pursuing joy at work (yes, joy is a core value as well). Every employee has a monthly “Joy Fund” – $50 that can be spent on anything that brings joy to a Wheelhouse employee or client. I’ve seen joy funds used for everything from opera tickets and noise-cancelling headphones to weekly housecleaning for someone who just needed a break.

Employee reviews on Glassdoor describe working at Wheelhouse like this:

“Somehow I stumbled upon this company and it was like winning the lottery as far as companies to work for go.” – Glassdoor Review

Wheelhouse values and culture started with our founder, Aaron Burnett. As he puts it:

“The interplay of generosity and helpfulness also plays a big part in making Wheelhouse a great place to work. We are helpful to our clients and generous with our time – and the same applies to one another.” – Aaron Burnett

One Glassdoor reviewer might put it best:

“The tight knit culture (of collaboration, mindfulness and trust) breeds a happy team that consistently goes above and beyond for clients.” – Glassdoor Review

So, all this is great for Wheelhouse employees, but you might ask why any of it matters to our clients. Two things stand out:

  1. The quality of the talent we attract. Wheelhouse has a reputation, and when we post a job opening, we’re overwhelmed with applicants and can find the best of the best to join us.
  2. The great employees we attract stay with us. A typical digital agency is challenged by employee churn – but not Wheelhouse. Instead of spending time on training replacements, we get to build long-term relationships between our employees and clients and can focus on polishing the skills of our already expert staff.

Perhaps the best part of all of this is that we’re growing (and hiring!) – expanding through partnerships with happy clients who appreciate that, beyond results, the difference of working with Wheelhouse is the experience of working with Wheelhouse.

By Ryan Gibson