Friday’s Link Roundup: Social Media Edition

Kadee Gray / 3rd May 2013 / Comment / Facebook

Link Roundup: Social Media Updates

There seemed to be quite a few updates in the social media world this week, so we decided to share the most important changes and best practices with you all. These articles focus on platform changes and what you can expect from each of them in the next few months.

Introducing Photos of You with Instagram Tagging

Instagram recently launched the “Photos of You” function that allows users to tag people and businesses in photos. The tag will function much like Facebook’s “with” tag when checking into locations. If you have an Instagram account, any photos you are tagged in will be added to your photo stream (obviously in accordance with your privacy settings).

New Pinterest Contest Rules

If you are thinking about running a Pinterest contest, this article is an easy-to-read guide that covers the new do’s and don’ts of their contest guidelines. The new changes affect several areas, including: pin selection; entry rules; spammy behavior; voting; and more.

Facebook Advertising for Retailers

Facebook is getting ready to launch Facebook Ads for Retailers with the goal of creating a new way to for brands to attract and connect with consumers. The new platform aims to push advertisers to communicate their message in more newsworthy ways. The game of advertising on social media is changing. Are you ready?

LinkedIn Turns Online Resumes into Professional Portfolios

LinkedIn just rolled out new functions for personal accounts, including the ability to upload videos, images, and other rich media to better showcase your work and skills. This is perfect for creative professionals and an opportunity to put your best work front and center. It sounds to us that they are taking note from Facebook and putting more emphasis on rich media items.

Three Tips for Maximizing YouTube’s New Layout for Brand Channels

YouTube’s new layout update gives brands the opportunity to personalize and organize their page in ways that are very different than before. This article includes great tips on how you can optimize your channel within the new layout, including: creating a welcome video; branding the channel; and organizing your content. I must say, these new channels look good!

YouTube new layout

What were some of your favorite social media updates and/or links from around the web this week?

By Kadee Gray