Friday Link Roundup for April 5

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Link Roundup Week 13

By the very nature of my job, social media marketing, I spend a good portion of my day scouring the internet for the coolest, most informative and read-worthy nuggets of industry information. So, it seems only natural to share my favorites.

Top Story

The Next Chapter in the PR vs. Marketing vs. Advertising Debate is Here – Media Bistro
Coming from a PR background and currently working in SEO and Social Media, I’m naturally drawn to articles that speak to the merging of the industries. Recently, Media Bistro added another component to the debate: advertising. Although they forgot to mention SEO as its own industry, it’s easy to see that it seamlessly fits into the mix.

Social Media Influence

Kevin Ware’s Popularity Shows Social Media’s Influence – The Courier Journal
Not even a top NBA draft pick, this Louisville player broke his leg in an Elite 8 game last weekend, increasing his online mentions by 196,000% (including tweets from NBA heavyweights Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson). This proves that journalists no longer need to guess what’s being said behind closed doors (or in a locker room) as it is being accurately depicted on social media.

Putting Ideas into Action

Hosting a Twitter Party – NYC PR Girls
Twitter is an integral part to several brands’ social media campaigns and strategy. Whether you plan to launch a new product or partner with a new brand advocate, Twitter parties are a great way to generate some buzz and gain new followers.

Industry Tips

8 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Instagram for Building Your Brand – MarketingProfs
Thinking of getting your brand started on this popular photo sharing app? Good, you should! This is a great starter’s guide on how to use Instagram for your brand.

What’s the Secret to Great Infographics – Fast Company
Data visualization and content marketing are two of the biggest trends in marketing today. Kim Rees, cofounder of Periscopic, reveals her secrets to good data visualization. Hint: It’s not about dumbing things down.

A Different View

Exhausted with Sandberg’s “Lean In” – Erika Napoletano
Though the launch of Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In has received a lot of praise, it’s always nice to hear from those with a different opinion. One of my favorite bloggers, Erika Napoletano, wasn’t afraid to do just that.

Water Break

Why Chandler Bing is Like the Teenage Girl Inside of All of Us – BuzzFeed
Because we all need a little break to refresh sometimes. And because I’m obsessed with FRIENDS.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week


What are your favorite finds from around the web this week?

By Kadee Gray