Friday Link Roundup for April 19

Kadee Gray / 19th April 2013 / Comment / Link Roundup

social media's role in the boston bombing
By the very nature of my job, social media marketing, I spend a good portion of my day scouring the internet for the coolest, most informative, and read-worthy nuggets of industry information. So, it seems only natural to share my favorites.

Top Story

The Second Most Creative Link Building Post Ever – Point Blank SEO
A fairly lengthy piece, the Creative Link Building post gives an overview of the campaigns (and their success) of 50+ industry professionals. Campaigns include setting a blogger review process, thinking outside the box to become the first on the market, optimizing offline events, and prospect research. Great ideas to get your wheels turning.

Social Media Influence

Boston Bombing: How Google, Social Media and Cloud Bring Hope Amid Tragedy – Forbes
As America tried to make sense of the attacks on Boston Monday afternoon, others were desperate to get a hold family and friends that were in the area. With cell service overloaded, many turned to alternatives for information including Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube.  Google also launched Person Finder to help connect individuals and/or input information about those affected.   The article sheds light on how technology continues to shape events like these.

Putting ideas into action

Here’s Why Your Next Meeting Should be Spent Walking, Not Sitting – GeekWire
Anyone in a business profession is more than likely sitting for the better part of the day. This is bad for two reasons: research has proven that sedentary habits lead to shorter lives, and walking improves concentration, attention and mood. Steve Jobs was a walker. I think he was on to something.

Industry Tips

What to Do When No One Responds to Your Pitch Emails – Young Entrepreneur
With bloggers and journalists and being pitched more than ever now, it’s easy for email to get lost in the crowd.  To help you increase the chances of catching their eye, the article suggests commenting on their stories, engaging with them on Twitter, and more.

Big-Ass List of Link Building Resources – Paddy Moogan
It is exactly what the name suggests. Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

A Different View

Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great – Harvard Business Review
Jim Collins’ book Good to Great explores how certain companies set the foundation for greatness, build momentum and endure through the future. While his book was met with popularity, the Harvard Business Review saw something different. Frustrated by the lack of rigorous research, the authors sought to study thousands of companies that have longer histories of success than those profiled by Collins. Their findings were interesting, digestible and certainly make you re-evaluate business principles.

The Water Cooler

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of a Rating War – New York Times
I began my love affair with the Today Show right as Meredith Vieira was stepping down and Ann Curry was stepping up. Less than a year in, she lost her seat as co-host. Following the event, Matt Lauer fell from public grace as several outlets reported he was to blame for their fallout. This piece, full of juicy tidbits, is celebrity gossip you won’t be embarrassed to follow.

Quote of the Week

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. – Henry Ward Beecher

What are your favorite finds from around the web this week?

By Kadee Gray