Link Roundup: What makes us laugh

Frances / 24th May 2013 / Comment / Link Roundup

Happy long weekend!

It’s a mostly-sunny Friday afternoon here in Seattle, and we are busy wrapping up projects so we can enjoy the three day weekend!

This week YouTube has been celebrating comedy all week and, as it’s also a holiday weekend we thought we’d have some fun and share all the stories that made us laugh this week! Enjoy…
Comedy week

  1. Have you taken your catbeard photo yet?
  2. If you like Daft Punk and 8-bit everything you’ll love this arrangement of their new album.
  3. Do you like celebrity impressions? Of course you do, who doesn’t!
  4. Here is some great career advice from The Daily Muse with creative inspiration from Arrested Development!
  5. Last one real quick: just because Kid President’s laugh is so darn contagious.

Well, that’s what makes us laugh – what about you? And, after you comment get off your computer/phone/tablet and get outside to enjoy the long weekend!

By Frances