Mastering the Art of the Masterclass

Erika Bigelow / 25th April 2019 / Comment / Culture

Sharing Tech Trends & Practices with Leading Brand Marketers

In April, two of our experts spent two days sharing their expertise with companies in both Seattle and Vancouver BC, as part of the Masterclassing Digital Marketing series. CEO, Aaron Burnett, and Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy, Casey Curtis presented an informational segment titled Stop Working in Silos, otherwise known as:

How to Deliver Meaningful Performance Through a Unified Digital Strategy

Much like an iceberg, initial client issues can often be hiding much bigger problems. When we take the time to look holistically at a business, we’re able to discover ways to not only solve those initial issues, but to also create positive change and meaningful business impact throughout a client’s website and story.

At Wheelhouse, looking outside a company’s silos equates to being helpful to our clients. Helpfulness is one of our core values, as well as our business development strategy. We have discovered that being generous with our time and skillsets creates solutions, and ultimately joy, for our clients. That, in turn, brings us joy.

Diving Into Roundtable Discussions

Following the presentations, Aaron and Casey had a chance to sit down at individual tables and talk directly with the senior brand marketing attendees. These roundtables, occupying approximately 60% of the agenda each day, provided the perfect opportunity for the attendees to get in-depth advice from our experts. Roundtables, in contrast to large expos and lengthy conferences, allows attendees to present questions or problems that are relevant to their company and to discuss them, not only with the speakers but with the other marketing attendees at their table.

Casey summed up the Masterclassing experience by saying “It’s rewarding to share the work our team is doing at Wheelhouse, and we learn a lot in the process, too. When attendees discuss solutions they have created, it can be insightful since it may not be something we have tried. In turn, we are available to offer ideas for problems where they are stumped.”

Want to hear more?

Wheelhouse DMG will be presenting at two upcoming Masterclassing events on Paid Social & Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing this June and the events are free for attendees! Sign up here:



By Erika Bigelow