Rand Fishkin said it back in 2011: “the job of the SEO has been upgraded to an organic web strategist.” It was true back then and, with the roll out of Google Panda and Penguin in 2012, nothing is truer as we enter the new year. The new role involves a mix of content creation,  … Read more

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Image Source Social media provides a wealth of publicity opportunities for any organization. However, anytime you present yourself on a public forum, there is a chance you will receive negative comments, whether from a disappointed client or someone simply having a bad day. This can seem alarming at first—will potential clients see the comment and  … Read more

Stop worrying about the total Fan count – start focusing on Reach and Engagement Managing a Facebook page for your business takes time and effort; cultivating content, building partnerships, engaging fans, responding to customer service questions. So how do you gauge your success in doing all this work? How do you show value for your  … Read more

It is no secret that PPC Advertising is becoming a more and more important means of targeting and reaching consumers today. In the first half of 2012, Internet Advertising spending increased by over 7.2%, outpacing growth in all other verticals according to Nielsen Global AdView Pulse Q2 2012 report released last week. The real secret  … Read more

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  Image Source Search Marketing Overload The SEO and Search Marketing industries are an ever changing, complex mix of technical know-how and marketing savvy. Finding a team with the right skill set and approach is key to achieving search dominance for your company. So how do you mange the task of deciding who to use  … Read more

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