Part 5: What in the World is a CE?

Client Experience Team / 19th August 2021 / Comment / Client Experience

Self Actualization Needs

A behind-the-scenes look at the Wheelhouse DMG Client Experience experience


Renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow, identified this highest level of development as ‘Self-actualization’, the point at which full personal potential is achieved. But what does this mean from a Client Experience perspective?


With each engagement and client, we continuously strive to learn new things and examine our processes along the way – not just from a professional perspective but a personal one as well. By this point, we’ve learned a lot about the client’s communication style, aspirations, the things they like to do in their free time, and even maybe about their love language.


Through approaching every interaction with intentionality and vulnerability, we earn the privilege of really knowing the people we work with. It’s a true partnership in every sense of the term. And helping them achieve their goals is the best way to show our appreciation for the partnership.


At the highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy, it’s all about identifying and creating opportunities for our clients to feel confident and comfortable in their role and beyond.


Questions we ask ourselves:

  • Is this an opportuntity for our client to shine?
  • How do we help get our client promoted?
  • How can we help them navigate toughs situations in a way that inspires positivity?
  • Have we inspired confidence and clarity within them and the work we collaborate on?
  • Do they see us as partners?
  • Are we being open and honest in all our conversations?
  • Are our intentions in the right place during every touchpoint to allow for productive and meaningful interactions?


As with all practices the more we, well, practice, by exercising our hospitality muscles, the easier and more seamless fulfillment in this area will become. Just like in any relationship, the goal is to create that perfect balance of trust, freedom and mutual respect.


While it’s important to remember the tactical things to do at each level, it’s also important to allow yourself the space, with patience, and the empathy, for mistakes and awkwardness. Think back to that cafe experience we spoke of in our first CE blog post. Even in the best coffee shops, not everything goes according to plan. The drink could be too hot, the wait may be longer than expected, but yet the overall experience can still remain positive, memorable, and worthwhile.



The journey to helping clients reach self-actualization will take time. The road to get there isn’t always going to be smooth, but we use the Wheelhouse values as our north star to guide us through the experience. We treat this experience as we would any interaction with those we care about – with grace, empathy and respect. Leading with the good within ourselves can ultimately help our partners see the best within themselves.


By Client Experience Team