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Matt Wynne / 5th September 2013 / Comment / PPC

I’ll have to admit that talking to prospective clients about display advertising can be a bit painful at times. Many folks out in the marketplace have been soured by poor ROI campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN) for many years. One of the strategic differences that sets Wheelhouse Search apart from our competitors is our tireless efforts to understand and drive valuable ROI to our clients through the black box that is the GDN.

The GDN as you all know is a fantastic way to get your message in front of a much more diverse audience than traditional search. By leveraging the GDN, users are able to use a vast array of targeting methodologies and tools to get in front of their prospective customers. Whether it be contextual keyword, audience persona, geographic, demographic or any other targeting method Google has developed, PPC display advertising has been a very difficult channel for many of our customers to monetize.

We have developed a unique strategy for display that has consistently driven positive ROI though the GDN for many of our customers. The biggest issue that most businesses have is that they just can’t figure out how to manage the scope of sites that comprises the GDN. They find themselves asking, “How do we make sure we are only showing on the sites that are the most relevant us? How do we limit poor traffic? How can I assure that I am only spending my time and resources going after the right customers?”

Our strategy, which we call “Performance Display”, answers these questions. We are able to not only find and target those clients you are most looking for, but we have developed a way to only pay what those clients are actually worth to your business, ensuring the ROI that your business needs.

To get more information about how we are revolutionizing the way our customers think of the Google Display Network, contact us to learn how Wheelhouse Search can help you drive performance and ROI from your display campaigns.

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By Matt Wynne