A Ping Pong Hero Is Born…

Scott Merilatt / 13th March 2015 / Comment / Marketing

When I returned from vacation a few weeks ago, I was greeted by an office transformed. Small plastic balls littered the floor, track suits hung on the coat rack, and a large, mysterious table stood near the kitchen. Something had happened. And I knew our lives would never be the same.

Looking back, it was all worth it. Our fearless leader, adorned in red… pursuing ping pong glory. Whispers in the wind… rumors of a competition. Something about wirey geeks. Will he be ready to face the best of the best? Or… at least the intermediate? Will he bring victory to Wheelhouse … or tarnish our name in front of the city’s brightest tech talent?

This is the odyssey of a man driven to win. A paddle champion. A #pingponghero.

Look out for the track-suited Wheelhouse Searchers at the Geekwire Ping Pong & Anniversary Bash 2015 on March 26 at the Showbox SoDo. Game on.


With huge thanks to our partners in crime:

Clatter & Din
– Scott, Eric, Sam & Rachel

Current Drives
– Mike Radenbaugh
– For use of the electric paddle board & willing participation in our shenanigans

By Scott Merilatt