Ping Pong Hero 2: Serving Up a Comeback

Scott Merilatt / 22nd March 2016 / Comment / From the Blog

A Comeback Story

All comebacks are built on a foundation of failure. And boy was it a failure.

Paul Weinstein, our standard bearer and office ping pong champion, went down hard in last year’s GeekWire tournament—and in the process destroyed the morale of the entire Wheelhouse team (especially our younger, more impressionable employees).

But Paul, and by extension Wheelhouse, does not give up in the face of fallen rankings. Roused from oblivion by the emergence of a new office competitor, an uncomfortably-passive-aggressive competition ensues and Paul takes his first steps toward regaining his page-one status—and the hearts and minds of his team. This is a sequel you don’t want to miss:

Cheer on the comeback #pingponghero and our other Wheelhouse champions at the 2016 Geekwire Ping Pong Bash on Thursday, March 24 at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

Game on. For real this time.


By Scott Merilatt