Rainbows and Ping Pong

Paul Weinstein / 27th April 2015 / Comments: 2 / Blogging

double_rainbowIt’s Friday afternoon, we’ve had an extremely busy week, and we’ve just wrapped up our monthly “client sentiment analysis” session, where we talk as a group about how our work is making each of our clients feel. The mood is light, and almost all the sentiments on the board are written in green (which is good).

One of our primary goals is that each of our clients feels “thrilled” with our work. And while we don’t expect to achieve that mark across the board all the time, we are encouraged at the number of clients that have expressed enthusiasm about our work. Granted – this is an entirely subjective exercise and we’re relying on our own assessment, but we do tend to judge our work and results more harshly than our clients do, so we feel pretty good about this last “result”.

The exercise serves to reinforce our values and encourages everyone to continuously strive to be empathetic in our approach. Our role, boiled down to the core, is to reduce our client’s anxiety when it comes to dealing with the complexity and continuous change of digital marketing. Yes, we do that primarily by driving outsized gains in revenue from search — but in so doing, and by the way we treat our clients, we often have clients “wanting more of that”. What a great place to be.

So, as we wind down a busy week with a few cocktails, one Mike’s Hard Lemonade and some ping pong, none of us are surprised to see a beautiful double rainbow over the water. We all gather on the deck, take a few photos, and enjoy each other’s company. Yes, we’re thrilled. Thrilled to have so many clients we love to work with, thrilled to be working with people we enjoy, and thrilled to be working at Wheelhouse Search.

By Paul Weinstein