Reading with the Intent to Teach

Paul Weinstein / 15th June 2015 / Comment / Book Review

I’m working my way through Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (again).

I read the book for the first time many years ago, and back then I read it like any other book: trying to get through it so I could get to the next one. It was like a race to the end. Reaching the last page was my primary goal.

This time, I’m taking a different approach.

The new tact is simple: read the book with the intent of teaching or sharing the materials with the Wheelhouse team. This mindset has made a huge difference for me. I find myself going back to reread sections, engaging with additional material in the back of the book, completing the exercises – I find myself… actually absorbing the material.

I suggested Covey’s book as part of a personal development plan for a member of our staff. I had recently picked the book up again and felt many of its lessons would be a great value for this individual. What I didn’t expect was the value I would gain from this little book club for two. As we’re reading the book together, we’re talking about lessons learned, how they apply to daily life, and burning them into our brains in the process.

I’m not all the way through the book yet. I’m currently working on my personal mission statement (it’s a process). But the lessons in the book are hitting home in a way that they didn’t the first time.  Perhaps the bigger lesson is something I will carry to the next book: read as if you’ll be teaching the material to someone else.

It’ll slow you down, but that’s okay.

It’s not urgent, but it is important.

Read while in Quadrant II.

By Paul Weinstein