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Frances / 17th April 2013 / Comment / Blogging

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The Article: Foolishly Viral: Lessons From a Million Pageview Day, by Jacob Klein as posted on

The Big Idea: How you can achieve viral content success – some tips, guidance and notes from Jacob Klein, a SEO consultant from Distilled, and his personal blog

The Gist: Jacob talks about his success in preparing relevant, strong content to go viral.  As he states, all of us webmasters, content creators, PR and social media mavens reach a point in our work where we think we have the next big piece – the next infographic, the next Harlem shake, the next meme. In his article, Jacob walks the reader through his experience, shares notes and the lessons he learned from his successful experience so we can all have better viral content campaigns.

My Favorite Message: I am one of the people at Wheelhouse Search who is driving outreach campaigns, constantly building contact lists and networking with anyone who can support our client’s content as part of my day to day work. Consequently, this was my favorite part of Jacob’s article;

“No matter your perceived initial success, there is always room for more outreach. Sure, I could have kicked back and watched the links roll in on Linkstant (which I most certainly did). But with content that has an expiration date, you’ll want to break out that little black book of contacts.”

Planning, timing and site infrastructure are essential to achieving a viral response to content, but I really support Jacob’s position that sitting back and watching the traffic roll is just not good enough. Our job as marketers is to be advocating for our brands and clients on all platforms, chasing all leads and exploring all avenues. When there is top content to be shared there is no room for complacency.

You Can Skip: Nothing. The article is 3000 words. The average adult reads at a rate of 300 words per minute. That means it will take you 10 minutes to read. I know you have that time 🙂

Who Should Read It: Any marketer looking to create viral content or content that you particularly want shared on social platforms.

Top Tools: There are a number of tools mentioned in the article, I suggest checking these ones out:

Want to read more about developing and monitoring viral content? Check out these resources:

Have you had experience with viral content? What lessons did you learn? Share them below – and share this story with your network!

By Frances