Why I Joined Wheelhouse DMG (And You Should, Too)

Ryan Gibson / 1st February 2017 / Comments: 8 / Culture

I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the amazing team at Wheelhouse DMG. After nearly 11 years in the digital space working with the teams at RKG (and then Merkle), I’m thrilled to be a part of such a special and exciting company.

Wheelhouse has grown more than 300% over the past 3 years, through nothing more than the power of their great work to create word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients. They’re one of the 20 Best Workplaces in Washington State and #1,316 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the entire US. That’s a great foundation for me to inherit and an excellent springboard to help facilitate more engagement with the industry.

But, great results and accolades aside, I’m most excited about the people, culture and the core values that shape their behavior.

Four key attributes made it clear that Wheelhouse would be a great new home for me:

  1. The Wheelhouse values are real. Lots of companies can put together a mission statement and make noise about being focused on clients and employees above all else. In my first few days I’ve seen the team being generous with their time with clients and making recommendations that are likely to result in less revenue to Wheelhouse – because it was the right thing for the client.
  2. The Wheelhouse team is wicked smart and experienced. And it’s not just a bunch of smart individuals who happen to work together. On my first visit here, I got to see them brainstorming solutions for a client presentation and saw truly cross-functional integration – every practice area made great contributions. For me, it didn’t hurt that one of those smart people is David Kennedy, who I spent years with at RKG as he helped lead the expansion of our then search-focused services.
  3. Willingness to expand their wheelhouse. Wheelhouse does more than provide just a set of services. Wheelhouse teams are closely integrated with client teams and are working toward the same goals – often building solutions that are novel and well beyond the scope of conventional digital marketing – but that deliver tremendous value for the client.
  4. Wheelhouse does great work and is well respected by clients. Everyone I talk with who has worked with the team here has been impressed by not only the results, but how they work together in achieving those results. You’ll often hear around here that, “it’s the experience of working with Wheelhouse that makes the difference.”

Over the next few weeks, you’ll start hearing from us more consistently. We’ll be publishing primary research, insights into industry trends and how what we’re learning is enabling us to drive better results for clients.

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I look forward to connecting with you this year.

By Ryan Gibson