A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Google is planning to target sites developed for smartphone users in an upcoming algorithm update. There are several articles on Google that explain what webmasters should look out for, so we developed a take-away version for time-crunched readers. Advice regarding the update covers two main points: Make  … Read more

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SEOmoz wrote a great article on foreign language SEO back in December. As they mention, only two of the world’s top ten economies (the US and the UK) are predominantly English speaking. While some of the other top tens have a large English-speaking population (India and Germany come to mind), the appeal of one’s native  … Read more

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If you are a regular reader of the Wheelhouse blog, you’ll remember the contest we ran a few weeks ago for a free voucher to Aaron’s Google Analytics (GA) course at the School of Visual Concepts. I was interested in learning Google Analytics so I asked Aaron, a few months prior, if I could sit  … Read more

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Google Analytics: Reporting on Organic Non-Brand Traffic Correctly Despite the (Not Provided) Dilemma If you are familiar with Google Analytics then you have to be familiar with the great Google (Not Provided) keyword reporting dilemma. If not, let me refresh your memory. In October 2011, Google enhanced their default search experience for signed-in users to  … Read more

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If you run a blog or website, you know how maddeningly complex and difficult Google Analytics can be to set up, navigate and use effectively. However, with a good base understanding, this tool can help you determine how pages on your site perform, where your traffic is coming from and how visitors behave. This is  … Read more

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Hello Wheelhouse fans, Below are some of our favorite links from our procrastination work over the last week. These stories cover content creation, chauffeured rides and sports. Check them out and tell us in the comments about any stories we missed! 1. Brilliant post on SEOmoz by Stephanie Chang from Distilled on building a Content  … Read more

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