Bloggers take note: Google recently announced some new additions to its algorithm. The announcement comes through an update on the Webmaster Tools “Link Schemes” section, so it has received little fanfare thus far. However, this update is not one to ignore: it may necessitate a second look at your blogging voice and SEO techniques, especially  … Read more

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Where to Find Them & How to Maximize Your Results, Part 2 In part one of this guest blogging guide, I covered how to assess your niche’s guest blogging market and build a list of blog contacts. Part 2, will cover how to pitch a guest blog post and leave you with some final guest  … Read more

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Where to Find Them & Maximizing Your Results | Part 1 A few months ago, I posted a summary of link building strategies beyond guest blogging. Now that we’ve covered the other options, let’s look at how to execute an effective guest blogging campaign — while not the only strategy for link building, it’s a  … Read more

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The Power of Lists The human fascination with lists is used to full effect on many popular blogs. Consider the widely Tweeted and Facebooked Thought Catalog, whose articles are overwhelmingly presented in list form. The Huffington Post is no stranger to features of the “10 best…” format either, and even the New York Times blog  … Read more

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Link-Building Strategies Guest blogging may be the most well known link-building strategy, but it’s not always the most effective. The best approach depends on your site’s Internet presence, and since no two websites are exactly alike, it’s important to create an individualized link-building plan. Read on to learn about my observations from the field. Image  … Read more

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