The Future of SEO: What Can We Expect to See in the Coming Years?

Kay / 13th August 2013 / Comment / Search Engine Optimization

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed what the future holds for search engine optimization. In light of some recent press on SEO-related projections, we thought it would be a good time to take another look at the changes and challenges that lay in store for SEOs.

Changes for SEO

1) Google Glass
According to an interesting article on Silicon Angle, the advent of Google Glass could promote significant changes in SEO, assuming the product is widely successful. The reasoning here is that Google Glass will provide localized results, as one of the product’s functions is providing real-time directions to goods and services near the wearer’s location. Furthermore, the glasses respond to natural speech patterns (i.e. questions rather than phrases), which could pose a challenge to the current SEO emphasis on keywords.

2) International SEO
While SEO efforts have traditionally been focused on increasing domestic search rank and traffic, the value of expanding efforts to international markets is becoming increasingly clear: wider reach and increased traffic for minimal expenditure. If your blog doesn’t have international subdomains, international SEO may seem less relevant; however, any website can benefit from foreign language targeting. Moz has an excellent infographic that illustrates the difference between language and country targeting, and provides some helpful tidbits on which form of targeting will be more appropriate for you. It’s also worth noting that Internet access is constantly expanding in underdeveloped areas, which will result in constant changes to the current international SEO landscape—just something to keep in mind!

3) Mobile SEO
Google announced in June that unique ranking criteria will soon be developed based on the needs of mobile search users. Pages that aren’t configured properly for mobile browsers stand to be penalized in future algorithm updates, though Google has kept quiet on the specifics. We’re planning another blog post on this important topic, but the general takeaway is that both a lack of mobile optimization and incorrect optimization will present a problem for your search rankings in the near future.

Do you have any news on future SEO happenings? Any predictions? Leave us a comment!

By Kay