How to Win in Business: Choose your table wisely

choose your table wiselyI read the book, “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh a little over two years ago. I remember parts of it. I remember enjoying the book and learning about the trials and tribulations that were the making of Zappos. But, most of all, I remember one insight, one important business lesson that Tony learned while playing poker. That insight led me, in large part, to make the decision to join Wheelhouse Search.

Tony listed 34 lessons he learned while playing poker that could be directly applied to business. While many of the lessons were self-evident, (e.g. “Hope is not a good plan.”), there was one that has stayed with me since and is a big reason why I work at Wheelhouse Search today.

The lesson was this:
“The most important decision you can make is which table to sit at.”

Why is this important and what does that have to do with Wheelhouse Search?

Simple. Wheelhouse Search is the table at which I choose to play. I’d been at other tables and, for various reasons, I concluded that we weren’t going to win at those tables. The industry was too competitive, the right people weren’t on the team, leadership wasn’t strong, or their values didn’t align with mine.

By choosing to work at Wheelhouse, my odds of success are far greater than anywhere else I could “sit”. I know Wheelhouse will win. Aaron has created a values-driven agency and is purposefully surrounding himself with kind, generous and very smart people. We do great work; we have clients that care about us and us about them. We’re developing a team and a style of doing business that is striking a deep chord among customers – and seems to be rare, if not unique, in the marketplace. We have tons of opportunities and have a team that we can build upon. The deck is stacked in our favor.

Remember – you can always switch tables. If your luck seems to have run out, perhaps it is time to try a different deck.

By Paul Weinstein