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Andrew Barber

Sr. Digital Advertising Strategist

W/ since May 2023
Pronouns: He/Him

Professional Path

Andrew is a Senior Media Strategist at Wheelhouse DMG based out of Chattanooga, TN. In his previous position, he held a leadership role at a full-service agency where he oversaw a team of digital professionals in developing and executing full funnel strategies for clients.

Personal Passions

In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time outside with his family. Whether biking, relaxing by the pool, or simply taking a stroll through the park, being outdoors with his wife, Katie, and his kids, Jackson and Madison, always feels like an exciting adventure. Apart from that, he is an avid sports fan, cooking enthusiast, and likes to restore and sell antique furniture.

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Meet the rest of our team

As Creative Director, Brandon brings over a decade of experience building and leading creative and design teams to excellence.

Max is data-driven and always looking for new learning opportunities in the SEO space. When he’s not researching masters programs to further his career, you can find him enjoying concerts, reading, going out for drinks, and plotting his move from southern Oregon to the Tacoma area.

Orlando is a Front-End Developer supporting strategic development projects and Digital Strategy initiatives.

Taylor is an SEO Strategist at Wheelhouse DMG. When he’s not demystifying the complexities of search engines for our clients, you can find him exploring the metro parks of Columbus, OH with his dog Kia.

Marissa is an Account Manager at Wheelhouse DMG based out of San Diego and passionate about fostering strong client relationships.

Laura is Senior Account Manager in our Virginia office. Laura loves keeping up with the latest paid search trends, winery tours, and any activities where she can bring her Golden Retriever, Penny.

Aaron is CEO & Founder, and a broadly accomplished digital marketing professional. He is responsible for vision, strategy and culture. He’s still happily married to that New Zealander he met in Malaysia and they now have two wonderful daughters.

Kara resides in Kansas City and is a Digital Advertising Analyst for Wheelhouse DMG. A true harnesser of left and right brain, Kara is passionate about channeling the analytical and creative facets of Digital Advertising.

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