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Brandon Tucs

Creative Director

W/ us since June 2023
Pronouns: He/Him

Professional Path

Proudly born in South Africa, now conjuring magic on the West Coast of the United States, Brandon has over a decade of experience building and leading creative and design teams to excellence. No matter what he is working on, he always tries to infuse a little bit of that childlike wonder into everything.

Personal Passions

You’ll likely find Brandon outdoors in the sun having fun with his family, or tucked away in a deep dark corner of the office painting or designing something fun. Brandon enjoys soaking in new experiences and thinks traveling is the best way to do that, whether it be trying something new locally or flying to a new country. Sports are also quite important to Brandon, so he tries to play as much golf, or sneak the F1 race at 6am as much as he can while the family sleeps.

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Meet the rest of our team

Orlando is a Front-End Developer supporting strategic development projects and Digital Strategy initiatives.

When she’s not developing and deploying BI interfaces and solutions, you can find Liz spending time with her family exploring nature.

As our Business Development Manager, Scott continuously improves the Wheelhouse business development and new client onboarding processes.

Marissa is an Account Manager at Wheelhouse DMG based out of San Diego and passionate about fostering strong client relationships.

Candace is the Director of Client Services at Wheelhouse DMG. When she’s not helping clients shape their story and grow their brands, you can find her enjoying live entertainment and growing hops for beer.

Laura is Senior Account Manager in our Virginia office. Laura loves keeping up with the latest paid search trends, winery tours, and any activities where she can bring her Golden Retriever, Penny.

As Creative Director, Brandon brings over a decade of experience building and leading creative and design teams to excellence.

Paul is our General Manager, ensuring the agency’s talented team has the necessary tools and resources to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

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