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Cas Cantu

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

W/ us since September 2022

Pronouns: She/Her

Professional Path

Cas is a Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst at Wheelhouse DMG. She loves getting to work with a variety of clients and industries to identify emerging marketing tools and trends that will help elevate their brand. When it comes to marketing, she thrives in the fast-paced environment and enjoys analyzing performance metrics to develop new digital strategies.    

Personal Passions

Cas is gearing up for a move to the PNW from Oklahoma in the near future. Outside of work, she enjoys checking out local breweries, going to concerts, ordering takeout and trying to train her new pup, Opal. 

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Meet the rest of our team

Jerica is the Senior Digital Designer at Wheelhouse. She loves to elevate design for Wheelhouse and our clients.

Ryan is a Web Analytics Engineer at Wheelhouse DMG. His breadth of experience across a variety of technical disciplines has empowered clients to scale their wins to previously unimagined heights.

When Jen isn’t adding immense value on the SEO team, you can find her digging into a home DIY project or exploring all the PNW has to offer with her family.

Paul is our General Manager, ensuring the agency’s talented team has the necessary tools and resources to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Candace is the Director of Client Services at Wheelhouse DMG. When she’s not helping clients shape their story and grow their brands, you can find her enjoying live entertainment and growing hops for beer.

Aaron is CEO & Founder, and a broadly accomplished digital marketing professional. He is responsible for vision, strategy and culture. He’s still happily married to that New Zealander he met in Malaysia and they now have two wonderful daughters.

Kara resides in Kansas City and is a Digital Advertising Analyst for Wheelhouse DMG. A true harnesser of left and right brain, Kara is passionate about channeling the analytical and creative facets of Digital Advertising.

Dustin is our Vice President of Technical Services and brings 22 years of full-stack development experience to the team. When not helping engineer solutions for our partners, he enjoys spending time with his family and performing in local theater — a true “acting professional”.

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