Joseph Volk


w/ us since June 2017

As a Strategist, Joe collaborates closely with clients and team members to execute on digital strategy initiatives. He researches and develops website content, identifying new keyword opportunities, and helping clients understand their path forward in the digital marketing world.

“Our value of generosity inspires me. I’m not really interested in doing work that feels merely transactional, or that is totally governed by my self-interest. Instead, I want to authentically care for clients and to find intrinsic motivation in offering them something truly, delightfully helpful.”

Professional Path
Joe is drawn to digital marketing out of a deep and broad interest in effective communication. He has a Master’s degree in writing and rhetoric and has taught a range of English, writing, and speech classes at universities and high schools. With Wheelhouse, Joe enjoys using both critical and creative thinking to help our clients solve their problems and tell their stories.
Personal Passions
Joe’s happiest moments tend to involve some combination of hiking, running, or walking. He enjoys trail running, exploring new cities on foot, or even just taking a long, slow lap of the neighborhood at night. As a former stand-up comedian, Joe also has a strong interest in humor and joke writing. He loves spending quiet time reading at home with his wonderful wife and two beautiful rottweilers.

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