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Ryan Chaplin

Web Analytics Engineer

W/ us since October 2021

Pronouns: He/Him

Ryan is a Web Analytics Engineer at Wheelhouse DMG. His breadth of experience across a variety of technical disciplines has empowered clients to scale their wins to previously unimagined heights.

Professional Path

Ryan has worked in a variety of roles in both IT and Marketing Departments across the country. His former employers range from Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups to non-profits. His blue-collar upbringing in rural Indiana taught him the importance of hard work and the value of relationships from a young age. Having been taught to build PCs by a cousin while still in elementary school and admitted to advanced web development classes in Jr. High he has always been known as being technically proficient.

After graduating from Indiana State University, he moved to Los Angeles where his skills were instrumental in passing ballot measures, guiding start-ups through successful acquisitions, and reinvigorating established brands with technological innovations.

Personal Passions

Ryan’s number one priority is his family and he enjoys goofing around with them. When he isn’t spending time with them you can find him reading, studying, exploring, or working on one of his many personal projects.

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Meet the rest of our team

Joyce is always working to help Wheelhouse find the best candidates to contribute to our culture. Outside of the office you will find Joyce staying active all year round. Weather biking, kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing yoou will find her enjoying the outdoors.

Aaron is CEO & Founder, and a broadly accomplished digital marketing professional. He is responsible for vision, strategy and culture. He’s still happily married to that New Zealander he met in Malaysia and they now have two wonderful daughters.

Dallas is a Washington native and Paid Search Analyst. He is also a big fan of the values-based culture at Wheelhouse DMG and appreciates the genuine positivity that permeates the office, creating not only fantastic work for the clients but fantastic relationships, as well.

Lola is a Technical Project Manager supporting the Marketing Sciences initiatives.

Scott is our VP, Client Strategy. He is a born and raised Seattleite with an all-too-predictable love of writing, books, films, coffee, and music. He loves his wife, kids, and has quite the selection of wool socks.

When Becky is not supporting the employees on our team, you can find her tending to her large vegetable garden or in the kitchen whipping up a new delicious creation!

Deepti’s love of data runs deep. From her Master of Science to her deep background in media agencies and television, she loves creating insightful stories from data.

Orlando is a Front-End Developer supporting strategic development projects and Digital Strategy initiatives.

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