Wheelhouse in the Community


We believe in generosity. It’s a core value and it’s baked into our everyday behavior at Wheelhouse. But we exercise this value in a special way at the end of every quarter through Wheelhouse Generosity Days – days of service to help people, places and organizations who most need it. We also develop ongoing relationships with many, so that we can continue to be helpful and generous. We combine our time with financial donations to make the biggest difference we can for the greatest number of people.

“Community building and engagement are so central to my life, it’s a beautiful feeling to be part of a company culture that actively works to cultivate these values alongside one another.” –Sunni Campbell, Sr. Search Associate

Here’s who we’re helping:

World Relief Seattle


Helping Refugees

World Relief Seattle is dedicated to helping “resettle refugees from all over the world with the end result of creating self-sufficient members of society”. They help with resettlement, employment, English language training, citizenship applications, and more. We’ve worked with World Relief to help move families into new housing, job preparedness and interview training, as well as through monetary donations.

Growing Veterans


Helping Veterans

Growing Veterans’ mission: “To empower military veterans to grow food, communities, and each other”. Since 2012, Growing Veterans has been combining veteran reintegration with sustainable agriculture. Their unique model addresses the growing desire for alternative therapies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as suicide prevention. We’ve contributed to Growing Veterans by helping harvest produce for farmers markets, planting and farm maintenance. We also built a pergola to provide shelter and shade for workers.

Mount View Elementary School


Supporting Education & Students

Mount View Elementary School has over 700 with students, with 90% receiving free and reduced price lunches. Students we support are in a Dual Language program, learning both English and Spanish. Here’s how we’re getting involved:

  • Shared our joy of reading with young children
  • Supplied Chromebooks to enhance math and reading learning for 4th graders
  • Donated STEM, social studies, and multicultural books to 1st graders
  • Provided toys to special needs preschoolers, for learning, socializing, and communicating

New Horizons


Helping Homeless Youth

New Horizons Ministries is a non-profit who partners with homeless youth to exit street life. From food and shelter to case management and job training, New Horizons helps “reconnect youth to the opportunity to succeed by acting as the bridge to empowering resources and supportive relationships”. Wheelhouse served homeless youth by providing meal services to residents.

Sacred Heart Women’s Shelter


Helping Battered Women & Families

Sacred Heart Shelter helps individuals and families “transition from homeless to housed”. Sacred Heart operates as a support network, to help residents develop goals, obtain health and dental care, job and parent training, childcare and more. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped:

  • Creating a welcome environment for families through cleaning, organizing, and decorating for the holidays
  • Donating supplies/necessities
  • Supported holiday gift giving with donations
  • Holiday decorations

Solid Ground (Lettuce Link Program)


Improving Access to Produce in Food Deserts

Solid Ground works to address institutional racism and the root causes of poverty, not only symptom alleviation. Their coverage areas include housing and tenant rights, education, job training, transportation, and food justice. Their Lettuce Link program addresses food justice and covers the Urban Farm Giving Gardens, including the Seattle Community Farm (where we’ve volunteered). The Urban Giving Farms provide fresh produce to local food banks, improve access to affordable produce in food deserts, and offer food education. We’ve worked with Solid Ground to help maintain and support the Seattle Community Farm.



Helping Homeless Men & Women

SHARE & WHEEL are partner organizations who operate King County’s largest shelter network, including 15 indoor shelters and 3 Tent Cities. Tent Cities are portable, self-managed communities of up to 100 homeless men and women. Wheelhouse has supported Tent City residents through donations of basic necessities and other supplies.

Seattle Union Gospel Mission

Serving the Homeless & Food Insecure

Seattle Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in the greater Seattle area. They challenge the standard thinking about how to fight poverty with 5 Mission Initiatives that tackle hunger, homelessness, poverty, high risk youth, and addiction. Seattle has seen a nearly 20% rise in homelessness this year and many more individuals are food insecure. The mission feeds over 200 people almost every meal, serving as many as 700 people during the weeks in the second half of the month when money and resources are often low. We had the pleasure of serving lunch for over 200 individuals, helped prepare dinner, and donated hundreds of toiletries, socks, and other sundry items for those in need.

City Fruit

Reclaiming the Urban Orchard

City Fruit promotes the cultivation of urban fruit in order to nourish people, build community, and protect the climate. Urban fruit trees are a valuable community resource, yet often fruit goes unused because people are not sure when to harvest it, how to best use it, or they are put off by damage caused by preventable disease and pests. City Fruit works towards “reclaiming the urban orchard, showing people how to harvest what they need, and to share the rest with others.” They help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees. Here’s some of the ways we helped:

  • Pruned and helped maintain the space around the trees to promote tree health
  • Made it easier for City Fruit to care for the trees and harvest the fruit
  • Donated to help them acquire new netting supplies for tree care

North Helpline Emergency Services and Food Bank

Nourishing the Community

North Helpline Emergency Services and Food Bank focuses on providing all members of the community with adequate food, housing, and respect. As part of their mission, they assist their neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their dignity and worth. We’ve worked with North Helpline to help handle food donations (9,000 lbs) from local businesses – unpacking, sorting, doing quality assurance checks, and repacking the food in containers that would lend to easy distribution for those in need.

Unbound Seattle

Fighting Against Sex Trafficking

Unbound Seattle is a local non-profit whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of children, women, and men impacted by human trafficking in Seattle. Seattle’s proximity to an international border, major ports, and the I-5 corridor make it an attractive place for exploiters and traffickers. Wheelhouse had the opportunity to provide a financial donation to Unbound Seattle in an effort to restore the lives of those affected by human trafficking in Seattle.

Looking for Volunteers?

We’re always looking for ways to contribute meaningfully to our community – whether it’s just a few of us at a time, or the whole Wheelhouse DMG Team. If you’re a non-profit looking for new volunteers, we’d love to hear from you.

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