Our Approach

There's no shortage of content out there, but very little understanding of how it all can fit with — and help you achieve — underlying business goals.

Wheelhouse content strategy starts with a deep understanding of your business, its challenges and potential, and the key customer journeys and digital touch points through which content can build trust in your brand, educate your customers, and seamlessly move users down funnel.

We take a search-first approach to content strategy development, exposing key visibility gaps with top competitors and analyzing your vertical’s unique search landscape.

What We Do


Content Gap Analysis

We compare your content's search visibility with three to five competitors to uncover gaps, opportunities, and competitive benchmarks. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the resulting data, grouping results by topic, theme, and format then prioritizing recommendations by business value.


Content Audit

We review your existing website content and provide page-level optimization recommendations. Our content analysts will assess each page's quality, readability, keyword/ topic targeting, depth score, and performance data. The end result is page-level recommendations for all existing content.


Topical Depth Analysis

We analyze high-ranking search content for top keyword phrases to assess topical gaps, messaging, formatting,UX, and other content elements that will inform how your current content should be optimized or new content should be created.


Search Landscape Analysis

We analyze the search engine results pages (SERPs) for high-priority keywords and topics in order to map user intents, searcher tasks, search features, entity relationships, the competitive landscape, and other potential search opportunities.We'll showcase our findings in SERP diagrams that clearly represent your search landscape.


Content Roadmap

We deliver a long-term roadmap for your content team that includes topics to write, keyword and user-intent targets, headline recommendations, competitive references and more. It's everything a writer needs to hit the ground running on building out an effective, search-friendly content strategy.


User Testing

We conduct user tests to assess the quality of your existing content, user experience, navigation,and user perceptions of your content's E-A-T (expertise, authority and trustworthiness).


How We Work


We work back from business value.


We’re not afraid to pivot directions.


We look out for our clients and they look out for us.

Are you a good fit for Wheelhouse Content Strategy?

We work with organizations who help us facilitate our twin mission: to be a best place to work and the best partner for clients. Our content strategy partners typically:

  • See us as a strategic partner, not just a vendor
  • Communicate clearly but kindly, especially under pressure
  • Look out for us, just like we’ll look out for them

Content Strategy in Action

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