Our Approach

Local SEO is on the rise, and with this localization of search comes pitfalls and opportunities. Ensuring your brick-and-mortar locations are fully optimized and accurately presented in search and maps is essential for maintaining and growing your organic audience—and should now be a core pillar of your digital strategy. Wheelhouse’s Local Analysts will help you find the signal in the chaotic noise of the local industry. Through auditing, competitive analysis, and platform expertise, we’ll provide you with a clear strategic direction to maximize your return on the table-stakes investment that is local listing management.

What We Do


Local Landscape Analysis

The Wheelhouse Local Landscape Analysis assesses whether an investment in local optimization (or actively creating/managing local listings) is worthwhile for your business. The analysis also provides an idea for the nature and level-of-effort required for that optimization work, including recommended platforms, tools, competitive research and strategic direction.


Local Audit and Optimization

Our local analysts will audit your entire local presence, including Google My Business (GMB), Bing, Facebook, and Yelp listings. We’ll focus on ensuring there’s consistent NAP data (name, address, phone number) across all directories, assess on-site local content and structured data, analyze review quantity and sentiment, and more. Our analysts deliver our findings in a clear, actionable implementation sheet—and can support with optimizing your website and listings coming out of the audit process.


Local Completion Project

The “completeness” of Google My Business listings is one of the primary levers we have to increase listing visibility and engagement in search and Google Maps. Google prioritizes businesses that are engaging with customers on GMB through helpful, high-quality content, accurate information, and the utilization of Google’s latest local features. Taken together, a robust optimization project can increase your local portfolio’s performance and set you far ahead of competitors, many of whom are neglecting these highly visible features.


Local Reporting

As search localization increases, your search data fractures. While three years ago a searcher would likely click through to your site to consume content, contact your business, or schedule an appointment, they’re now able to accomplish these key actions within local listings. Our local analysts will stitch together local data from GMB, Yext and other platforms with your site analytics to create custom reporting that gives you the full picture of your local performance.

How We Work


We work back from business value.


We’re not afraid to pivot directions.


We look out for our clients and they look out for us.

Are you a good fit for Wheelhouse?

We work with organizations who help us facilitate our twin mission: to be a best place to work and the best partner for clients. Our content strategy partners typically:

See us as a strategic partner, not just a vendor
Communicate clearly but kindly, especially under pressure
Look out for us, just like we’ll look out for them

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