Analytics Insights & Analysis

Following an analytics audit, implementation, and reporting, Wheelhouse analysts delve into the gathered data to answer critical questions and provide clear, actionable recommendations. Pre-analysis, collected information is simply a mountain of raw files and numbers. The real business value comes in expert analysis.

Insight and analysis begins as soon as the reports roll in. Our team sifts through alerts, dashboards, and customer reports, prioritizing actions according to the KPQs and KPIs identified in the initial audit. Additional issues that arise are addressed with the client through ad hoc reporting or more in-depth analysis presentations.

Wheelhouse analysts look to answer two important questions throughout the Insight and Analysis stage: Why? and What? Why is something occurring, or perhaps, not occurring on your site? And what can be done about it? Sounds elementary? Don’t be fooled. These deceptively simple questions are teased from the depths of raw data, mined from multiple sources with limited to no context. The analysts scrutinize the information, identifying trends, holes, and gaps. We then craft actionable recommendations that will align with your business goals.

Meaningful Deliverables

In-depth analytics insights, while essential to understanding your data, must also work within the constraints of time and urgency. Our analysts routinely deliver reports that address these needs, specific to each client. Issues raised in the reporting stage can be time-sensitive and typically arrive with subsequent queries. Solutions for these are tackled through timely and concise ad-hoc reports via e-mail.

Questions driven by KPQs and original audit findings are addressed in more formal analytics presentations. These presentations routinely cover more complex business questions, and provide decision-makers with an executable plan.

Insights & Analysis Method

  • Interpret amassed data
  • Prioritize relevant questions
  • Prepare findings
  • Report delivery
    1. Ad hoc response
    2. Analysis presentations
      • Key findings
      • Recommendations

Circle of Analytics

  • Part 1 – Audit/Analytics Integrity Check
  • Part 2 – Implementation Phase
  • Part 3 – Measure & Report
  • Part 4 – Insight & Analysis
  • Part 5 – Maintenance

It’s All Guided by Our Values

  • Helpfulness
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
  • Joyfulness
  • Generosity
  • Empathy

The Big Picture

We’re here to explain the analytics process, walk you through the data and reports, provide actionable recommendations, and drive analytics solutions that bring real value to your company.

So, that’s a little about us and our Analytics Insight & Analysis services. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your analysis challenges. How can we help?

Analytics Insights & Analysis Platforms We Utilize

Our skilled team can work with many tools and platforms. Here are a few: