Analysis and insight are the lifeblood of everything we do. Every Wheelhouse employee is Google Analytics Certified (GAIQ), and our analytics team has a degree of mastery that is rare in the industry.

Analytics Strategy

The ongoing value of analytics data begins with strategy. What are your business goals and how do they map to website behavior? What do we need to track to measure and report on performance, enabling shrewd decisions in the months and years ahead? Our team has developed analytics strategies for B2B lead generation sites, 10,000-SKU e-commerce sites and 60-site healthcare networks. Our strategies create clarity and enable our clients to surface the critical metrics that drive meaningful performance—now and into the future.


Is your data accurate? Why did your bounce rate drop from 40% to 6%—that can’t be real, can it? Why is your own site your top referrer? Why is “(Other)” one of your biggest traffic channels (and what is “Other” anyway)? We’ve seen myriad ways that analytics integrations can go wrong, resulting in data that is wildly inaccurate and rendered worthless (or even dangerous). Our analytics audits identify technical issues impeding data accuracy, document the solution (or fix it for you, depending on your preference), and recommend implementation enhancements to drive more value and clarity from the data collected.


Our analytics architects bring strategy to life by developing and integrating thoughtfully developed and technically sophisticated tagging specifications. Whether it’s complex event tracking in Google Analytics, Tealium Tag Management integration on a network of sites or development of enterprise-wide dashboards, we have the experience and technical skill to make it happen.


Our analysts have worked in some of the most challenging online environments around. We regularly help clients with ongoing reporting needs and with ad hoc analysis to identify insight and value in large, complex data sets.