Analytics Audits

It has been said that web analytics is a little like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Our approach is less about finding the needle, more about shrinking the haystack.

If you’re overwhelmed by data and not getting the value you were promised from analytics, it’s time to take a step back. The value of Google Analytics and other web analytics platforms is not found in a fancy report but in answering the right questions. That’s why a Wheelhouse analytics audit begins with a conversation.

Analytics Process

Program Management

  • Auditing
  • Planning
  • Triage


  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance & Techincial Support

Program Management

  • Analysis & Insights
  • Dashboarding
  • Reporting
  • Direct Support

Analytics Audit


  1. Interview Stakeholders to Define Business Objectives
  2. Define KPQs & KPIs
  3. Evaluate Analytics Architecture & Configuration
  4. Analyze Historical & Real-Time Analytics Data Flows
  5. Prioritize Audit Findings by Business Value
  6. Develop Recommendations

Tools & Platforms

We Work with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Analytics 360 Suite
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium
  • Tealium AudienceStream
  • R#

Since perspectives often differ between executives, marketing managers, merchandisers, sales teams and other stakeholders, we conduct short interviews with as many players as possible to clarify your business objectives. We then collaborate to define key performance questions (KPQs) and the metrics that will effectively answer those questions—key performance indicators (KPIs).

Once we’ve shrunk the haystack, we turn to the data. Wheelhouse analysts perform site crawls, inspect applications, and observe how well your integrated systems collect user information. Our resulting findings are then ranked by priority, risk, and business value. A comprehensive report is delivered, with implementation recommendations ready to be utilized by your team, or by our in-house engineers.

Laser-Focused on What Matters to Your Business

We’re not here to follow rabbit holes and chase down answers to every question. With a strong focus on core KPIs and deep data research, we can identify and prioritize issues by their impact on business value. This approach allows us to compress the time-to-market for delivering high-value, actionable analytics.

Removing Performance Barriers

Are you spinning the wheels on analytics? Know what you need but not sure how to get there? Whether you’re struggling to overcome setbacks in analytics or you’re having trouble translating business objectives into the right questions, the Wheelhouse Analytics Team can help. Our analysts will help clear your path forward and work collaboratively with executive teams and boards to support lead- and revenue-generating initiatives and campaigns. We can even go beyond web analytics to integrate ERPs, CRMs and other back-end systems in order to unlock revenue attribution and make better business decisions.

The Big Picture

So what’ the 30,000-foot view? We’ll help you navigate and fully leverage web analytics by:

  • Clarifying business objectives
  • Defining KPQs and KPIs
  • Collecting and and analyzing your data
  • Extracting and prioritizing issues according to their impact on your business goals
  • Creating actionable recommendations to move you forward

At Wheelhouse, our work is wide-ranging, and our services often end up overlapping to drive meaningful performance for our clients. How does that look? Perhaps you’re here to ensure your SEO initiatives are being effectively tracked. Or from SEO, you discovered the need for CRO or Digital Advertising. Or maybe you relied on our Engineering Services Team to help bring an analytics implementation plan to life. When you partner with Wheelhouse, you’ll work alongside a skilled team ready to manage, problem-solve and navigate the world of web analytics and digital marketing. Our goals are your goals.

So, that’s a little about us and our analytics audits. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your analytics challenges. How can we help?

Analytics Audits in Action

Case Study: Providence – Enterprise Analytics Audit

Wheelhouse is a true partner, in every sense of the word

– Madelyn Mills, Providence Health & Services

Analytics Platforms and Tools We Utilize

Our skilled team works with many tools and platforms. Here are a few: