Shopping Feed Management

Looking to build out your data feeds to capture a larger share of online retail consumers? Our analysts utilize our efficient feed management platform to restructure and modify client feeds to drive optimal performance through Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and other marketplaces and CSEs (Comparable Shopping Engines).

Wheelhouse shopping feed management begins once a client product feed is received. Analysts thoroughly review the feed, leveraging keywords and including compelling product descriptions to help improve click-through rates. Upon completion of the detailed inventory, the enhanced feed is processed through our technology platform for optimizations and onto the client’s Google Merchant Center (GMC), Bing Merchant Center (BMC) and other CSE platform accounts.

With the end goal always in sight, Wheelhouse maximizes bidding for optimal data set-up to receive vetted traffic and revenue gains. Once data feeds are launched, analysts remain vigilant, consistently evaluating input and returns to ensure a maximum result for each client.

Feed Management

  • Client product feed provided
  • Granted access to merchant centers
  • Feed processed thru tech platform
  • Optimized feed sent to engines
  • Results analyzed & reported
  • Data fine-tuned & reapplied

Problems Solved

  • Multiple CSE platforms mean multiple data inputs and requirements
  • Wheelhouse’s single, centralized platform pushes data simultaneously to multiple CSE platforms, saving time and eliminating complications resulting from individual formats

Our Values Guide

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An Efficient, Intelligent Feed Platform

A highly structured data feed provides e-commerce business with a huge competitive advantage. And while it’s essential to work with a variety of comparable shopping engines to reach the widest audience, their differing input regulations and requirements can be a headache to manage. We solve this problem through our hands-on intelligent feed platform, which pushes custom feed requirements to each CSE platform virtually simultaneously. Partnering with clients, we are able to customize the product data efficiently, saving valuable time.

Walking the Talk

You want your products visible everywhere. That means keeping up with pricing, Google Product Categories, UPC codes, sizes, colors, stock availability and more—all day, every day, on a variety of shopping platforms, engines and marketplaces. The upkeep is confusing, and missed opportunities can often result in disapproved products.

That’s where Wheelhouse comes in. Utilizing best practices and a wealth of experience, our analysts will move you beyond the minimum product data and highlight details that will actually engage the consumer and drive up the click thru rate. Shopping disapprovals are tackled quickly and effectively, resulting in quick product return to the marketplace. Not sure of the best title for your product? We can test the options. Want to boost visibility of your ad? We’ll include rich snippet reviews within your listings. At Wheelhouse, we know feed management is most successful when a client’s feed is both consistent and customized.

Keep it Simple and Seal the Deal

In a shopping feed, it doesn’t matter whether you have the most unique product, or the best-priced product, or the highest-quality product. What matters is whether your product is visible—and visibility starts with thinking like a consumer.

How will customers search for your product? Will they look for a wind-impervious covering or a jacket? Do they want it in melon or coral or are they simply looking for orange? Wheelhouse can help you retain your originality while identifying key optimizations proven to improve conversion rates, namely: simple product descriptions, accurate categorizations, alternative shipping options, high-quality images, and product identifier codes. After all, the faster your customer can find and purchase your product, the better.

Be There for Your Customers

Who should utilize shopping feed management? All e-commerce companies. It’s an efficient, economical way to connect with your consumers. At Wheelhouse, we have a team of talented analysts ready to get started. Working with you could be our paid search analyst, Patrick or our VP of Digital Advertising, David K. We’re here to explain the feed management process, implement the feed, analyze the results and fine-tune performance as it evolves.

Wheelhouse is a performance-driven digital marketing agency. Our work is driven by the needs of our clients, and we often overlap our services to provide the best possible experience and results. That can look like a combination of SEO and PPC, or digital strategy and CRO, or some combination of those with feed management and a healthy dash of analytics. When you partner with Wheelhouse, you join a skilled, versatile team ready to manage, problem-solve and navigate the changing landscape of digital marketing, with your bottom line always in mind.

So, that’s a little about us and how we manage shopping feeds. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your digital advertising challenges. How can we help?

A Few CSE Platforms We Work with: