Paid Social Management

Whether it was driving thousands of leads via a social amplification campaign for a new product launch at a CPL 72% lower than the client’s target, driving a record number of leads at the lowest ever CPL for B2B clients on LinkedIn, or dramatically improving Facebook ads efficiency for an e-commerce company, Wheelhouse DMG has a track record of success to help navigate improving your paid social program.

We have worked with clients across different verticals to drive performance with a tailored social advertising program specifically designed to their needs and industry. Our proven approach includes:

Tailored Audience Bidding

Everything we do on social advertising is grounded in a core belief that a refined audience strategy is central to driving performance. Behind every audience is a bid powering that ad set to hit your business’ KPIs. Through analysis we calculate exact bids, to the cent, that will give your campaign the best opportunity to realize your business goals.

Performance-Driven Social Media Advertising

As social network publishers begin to minimize the reach of organic engagement from businesses in favor of posts from friends and paid ads, it’s important to have a refined social advertising strategy that focuses on fulfilling performance goals for your business — in addition to showcasing what makes your brand unique. As a data-driven practice, we look to optimize your Paid Social accounts via:

  • Audience measurement and strategic segmentation
  • Landing page testing and CRO
  • Ad copy testing and recommendations
  • Device analysis and ad optimization
  • Product feed category refinements

These are some of the many optimizations and analyses that we will do to ensure your paid social advertisement program best serves your business needs and goals.

United Social Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat… Creating a united social strategy is one of the key factors that affect overall paid social success, though many advertisers default to advertising on these platforms individually. Advertising on these platforms individually is often the default for most advertisers. Wheelhouse DMG individually designs cross-functioning campaign strategies across paid advertising platforms that help inform each publisher based on the traffic and behavior patterns of each channel’s audience.

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In order to drive to a functional and efficient social advertising program, Wheelhouse DMG implements comprehensive audience-driven strategies specifically designed for each client to best highlight what makes the brand unique while driving to efficient revenue goals.

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