Ecommerce SEO Services

How do you structure and optimize your site to best land shoppers from search engines? Ecommerce SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of evaluating and optimizing an online store to be more visible and competitive in organic search. At Wheelhouse, we help you navigate the dynamic SEO landscape with flexible strategies focused on your core business goals.

Our ecommerce SEO service begins with a full site audit. First, we review your site’s technical foundations and its ability to collect and track valuable data. Next, we analyze the average user’s experience on your site, compare your content to that of your competition, and establish expected performance benchmarks. Finally, our strategists evaluate the buyer’s journey and determine whether your site’s architecture helps or hinders search visibility and sales. The outcome? A custom-built prioritized set of recommendations that are focused on driving meaningful revenue and value for your business.

Ecommerce Process

  • Collaborative Kick-Off Meeting
  • Analytics Integrity Check
  • Full Site SEO Audit
  • Recommendations Presentation
  • Implementation Plan Delivery

SEO Technical Audit

  1. Technical Review
  2. Content Gap Analysis
  3. Competitive Benchmarking
  4. Backlink and Off-Site Review
  5. Keyword Research

Our Values Guide

    • Helpfulness
    • Trust
    • Stewardship
    • Joyfulness
    • Generosity


Partnering for Progress

We start with your business goals and work backward, digging in from our initial kick-off meeting with specific questions aimed at understanding your unique company. Do you operate seasonally or year-round? Do you focus on a niche market or have a broad appeal? We want to know what makes you tick. Wheelhouse’s SEO audits and ongoing engagements are about discovering opportunity and value, everywhere our analysis leads. From lack of search visibility to on-site conversion blockers, Wheelhouse strategists identify challenges and unlock revenue opportunities for a wide swath of ecommerce businesses.

Above and Beyond Rankings

Our aim is to understand the goals and challenges of your entire business, and determine how Wheelhouse can complement and advance your overall strategy. To that end, we don’t get hung up on KPIs (key performance indicators) that don’t mean anything to your business. After all, search ranking is just the first win on the road to success.

We are driven by our values. In the course of our SEO audits, we might identify quick-win opportunities relating to digital advertising, analytics, engineering, digital strategy, or conversion rate optimization. We will always include those in our recommendations, even if they fall outside the original project scope. Our Wheelhouse mantra leads with helpfulness. To that end, we pledge to achieve meaningful results by working with you and your other partners.

The Softer Side of Implementation

SEO audit results can be overwhelming, but we’re in the business of creating solutions, not creating homework. We have a full team of talented engineers and associates ready to help bring our SEO recommendations to life. You may work with Roy, our VP of Engineering & Technical Services, or Dustin, our Director of Engineering, along with the rest of our engineering team. Whether we’re partnering with your developers, or handling full implementation in-house, our team is here to be transparent, to demystify the SEO process, and to smooth any transitions. Bottom line: Wheelhouse cares about your success as much as you do.

So, that’s a little about us and our ecommerce SEO services. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your ecommerce challenges. How can we help?

Ecommerce SEO in Action

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