Search Engine Optimization

We create value for our clients by structuring, presenting and marketing content, products and websites in a manner that amplifies brands and increases traffic. But we deliver much more than traffic increases—we often change the very nature of the traffic a website receives, from generally unengaged “casual browsers” to relevant and engaged “buyers”.

SEO has changed significantly, moving well beyond “best practices” to a world in which artificial intelligence is applied to nearly every query. More than half of all searches occur on mobile devices, and are likely to be the beginning of a multi-device conversion path. Even the data on your web pages can have curiously little relationship to what actually appears in search results.

Manipulation of search results may work briefly, but rarely drives long-term value—for clients or users. We favor lasting performance over short-lived traffic spikes. We build lasting client value by practicing SEO as a marketing discipline—not a set of technical tips and tricks.


All good marketing starts with an understanding of your audience. Who are they, what do they need—and how does that need map to what you can provide? Are they B2B buyers looking for in-depth information as part of a long sales cycle—or transaction-oriented consumers looking for easy to understand feature comparisons? We’ll glean all we can about your audience from your insight and through our own digital discovery and analysis.

Market Opportunity

We identify market opportunity by data-mining search volume for relevant language, search patterns, social sharing and engagement. Because understanding user intent is critical to digital marketing success (and foundational to ascribing value), we break down market opportunity in terms of your marketing funnel: Research, Awareness, Consideration, Intent and Action. Our fixation is on real-world business value, and the opportunity we derive is described in those terms—potential revenue, leads and traffic.

Competitive Landscape

Full consideration of market opportunity requires a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape. We identify, analyze and deconstruct competitor performance, taking the best of what works and discarding what doesn’t. Through this process, we ensure the digital strategies we employ drive near-term value while laying the foundation to challenge for more competitive search real estate in the future.

Search Marketing Strategy

We develop sophisticated search strategies based on a clear understanding of your audience characteristics and needs, your business goals and the realities of the competitive landscape. This means every strategy is tailored to the needs of every client. Resulting recommendations focus on both semantic themes that should be broadly integrated into site content and specific keyword targets, which are mapped to user intent at every stage of the marketing funnel. Most of all, we ensure our SEO strategies thoughtfully make the most of client assets to maximize value and return.

Optimized Search Experience

Our focus goes beyond achieving better search rankings. We strive to optimize the entire search experience, from initial search and browsing activity through landing and conversion on your website. This may include:

  • Restructuring an e-commerce site to more effectively map to visitor shopping patterns
  • Expanding product categorization (manually or via Virtual Categorization) to map to market demand and keyword targets
  • Creating on-site content and well-optimized landing pages to attract visitors at all stages of a customer’s journey
  • Developing and marketing off-site content to attract new visitors by finding and engaging with them on third-party sites they already know and trust

The reality is that enterprise-class search engine optimization now involves much more than a simple query/search result paradigm—it is a multi-dimensional marketing channel in which achieving success requires thoughtfulness, thoroughness and sophistication.


Our team works closely with clients to implement the strategies we recommend. We believe in delivering performance—not homework for our clients. So, if our strategy includes restructuring information architecture on an e-commerce site to more effectively capture market demand—our engineering team is there to implement. And, if that same e-commerce site requires hundreds of pages of new category content, our in-house writing team delivers.


We’re committed to your success—in fact, our success depends on it. As we’re here to drive real-world performance and look out for your best interests, our enterprise analytics team spends a great deal of time analyzing client performance. Their work gives us a clear understanding of which strategic elements are delivering the greatest value and how we can best deploy resources to increase that value. We develop and deliver custom scorecards for every client, every month. These scorecards are customized to focus on the KPIs most important to each client—and to communicate in the clearest manner possible.

Practice Lead

Casey Curtis

Casey Curtis

SVP Digital Strategy

Casey previously ran e-commerce for the BabyLegs brand, and its parent company BabyUnited, before coming to Wheelhouse DMG in 2013.