User Testing

You want to make changes to your site due to conversion issues, but aren’t entirely sure which direction to go—especially since your competitors have vastly different, yet successful models. Wheelhouse can help. Our user testing service gathers the information you need to know, not only about the usability of your site, but about your competitors’ sites as well. Wheelhouse strategists works closely with your team to understand your goals and identify the fixes that will streamline user experience and increase revenue.

User testing begins with a conversation. Our strategist and your team sit down to identify first, the purpose of your site or application. Is your focus solely on your website? Do your customers interact with you through tablets or mobile? Is your goal to increase conversions or to collect e-mail sign-ups?
Possible roadblocks in the user experience are inventoried and a typical target user profile is established. With this data in hand, our strategists devise a series of tasks for the user test. These tasks strategically ‘walk’ the tester through your site, asking them to interact with different features and record their thoughts on the process. Once finalized, this test is launched with a small group of testers matching the ideal profile established with your team. The strategist then reviews each test and compiles a comprehensive list of recommendations and action items. These are prioritized by business value and brought to your team and site engineers for discussion and game-plan development.

What Will You Learn?

User testing is an excellent method to show how users, in their own locations, on their own devices, consume content, participate in a retail process and interact with companies or brands. Feedback is received in written and audio form, as well as via video showing each tester’s actions on your site. This combination allows the strategist to hear what the user thinks about your site, but also to see whether their actions match their words.

A user, for instance, might rank the checkout process as simple, yet the video shows that they took a long time and made several incorrect clicks through the experience. That user adapted easily, yet their actions clearly highlight a possible issue affecting conversion. User testing identifies high-level problems quickly.

What Will We Solve?

A user tester’s experience on your site is reflective of an ordinary user’s experience. In the test they are steered through a series of tasks determined by the strategist, and their resulting behavior and actions can uncover a multitude of potential issues. Frequently, our Wheelhouse team discovers complications in a site’s calls to action, checkout process or navigation. A lack of site speed from overlarge images, ineffective UI/UX design, confusing content, and missing instructions are also regular hindrances to usability. Once identified, our strategists address each item quickly to ensure rapid improved conversion for the client.


  • Kick-Off Meeting/Goal Setting
  • Identify Target Market
  • User Testing
  • Review Results
  • Presentation of Recommendations
  • Project Assessment

Problems Solved

  • Site Speed Issues
  • Confused Messaging
  • Poor/Missing Content
  • Form Issues
  • Missing Calls to Action
  • Faulty UI/UXD Design

Our Values Guide

  • Helpfulness
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
  • Joyfulness
  • Generosity
  • Empathy


The Big Picture

What type of business is right for user testing? Any company that is having conversion difficulties or is interested in competitive research. It is also an excellent strategy for testing new site designs for efficiency and flow, before budget is spent on coding and implementation. At Wheelhouse, our strategists specialize in walking the client through our user testing service, identifying the objectives, crafting the test, and extracting the principal takeaways for discussion and analysis.

Working with you might be Casey, our Director of Client Services or Chase, our Search Strategist, or Talia, our Marketing Strategist, along with the rest of our SEO and Engineering teams. We’re here to bring clarity to the results and provide actionable recommendations geared toward increasing conversion rate, online revenue and lead generation.

We invite you to explore our performance-driven digital marketing agency and discover what services are the best fit for you. Our bottom line? When you partner with Wheelhouse, you join a skilled team ready to manage and problem-solve in order to benefit your bottom line quickly. Simply put, our goals are your goals.

So, that’s a little about us and our user testing services. We’d love to know a little about you. Tell us about your company and your conversion challenges. How can we help?