Client: RunMyProcess |  HQ: Paris, FR  | Industry: Enterprise Software  |  Wheelhouse Client Since: 2019
Services Provided: Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising

Where We Started

Prior to working with Wheelhouse, RunMyProcess struggled to reach the desired ROI from their digital marketing efforts. The ultimate goal was always to use their website as a lead generation platform, but marketing initiatives that historically underperformed (email blasts, SEO, paid search ads), and they knew their website wasn’t designed to best monitor performance to generate leads. They originally became a client through the Digital Advertising and Strategy channel, where we created dedicated landing pages for their paid search program, and then drove targeted campaigns to those programs to generate leads. The client told us more than once that while the total leads coming in weren’t much higher than the year before, the quality and value of those leads was significantly higher, and their sales teams “were singing”. It was this success, and the trust we built with the client, that prompted them to want to work with us to plan, design, develop, and launch their new website experience.

The Strategy

Wheelhouse started with a messaging workshop to determine how best to position RunMyProcess with their new website and to co-create a set of core messages along with the RunMyProcess team. Building on that strong foundation, we designed page templates, developed new content, and successfully executed all of the necessary development steps for the redesign. On this project, the familiarity and trust that our CRO specialist, front-end developer, advertising specialists and content strategist had developed with one another and with the client’s team paid huge dividends, as we were able to create a final product that reflected the RunMyProcess team’s aspirations for their site, was well-optimized for advertising conversions and Organic search visibility, and was elegantly built and coded to ensure smooth technical performance and easy maintenance going forward.

What Our Work Made Possible

The above graphic shows the immediate impact the redesign had on advertising CVR, but the best may still be yet to come. RunMyProcess’ sales cycle is quite long, and so the redesign should be a gift that keeps on giving.  We know that we are filling their sales funnel and will continue to do so through paid search efforts. And with a higher-converting site, a wide range of digital marketing and advertising channels and tactics that may not have been a good fit for RunMyProcess in the past are now on the table as they look ahead to what’s possible in 2020 and beyond.