Louis Kemp is a consumer brand under the Trident Seafoods family of brands. With a niche offering of surimi products like imitation crab and imitation lobster and living under the shadow of a multi-billion dollar parent company, Louis Kemp was hungry for its own brand awareness. Another obstacle for Louis Kemp was the negative reputation around its core offering: surimi products. Although a centuries-old food enjoyed in cuisines all across the globe, surimi had a more modern reputation in the U.S. for being “fake”, heavily-processed seafood. When Louis Kemp came to Wheelhouse DMG in the fall of 2018, we had two main goals: (1) drive online brand awareness and (2) rewrite the narrative of surimi. After implementing our content and featured snippet optimization strategies, Louis Kemp saw a 570% increase in non-branded KW rankings and a 46% increase in organic traffic.

Our Work

At Wheelhouse DMG, we’re kind of obsessed with crafting a content strategy tailored to the client. To rewrite surimi’s story, we needed to understand what type of information users were looking for and what kind of information Google was prioritizing. We conducted Topical Depth Analysis around key topics like “surimi”, “imitation crab”, and “imitation lobster” and found the ingredients for a top-ranking high-funnel informational page for each topic. Each top-ranking page we analyzed had a few of the right ingredients – history, nutrition, what the product is, and sustainability – but no page had all of the right ingredients. Enter Louis Kemp. But even with the perfect blend of subtopics, there were still some long-tailed KWs that eluded us. So, for more specific questions that were winning featured snippets or getting pulled into “People Also Ask” boxes, we created an FAQ page.

Today, Louis Kemp’s digital presence continues to ride the wave of strategically-crafted content, but our voyage is far from over.

The Results

It has been just over a year since we planned and published the 3 high-funnel informational pages and 1 FAQ page for Louis Kemp. In that time, Louis Kemp has gone from ranking for 34 top 10 non-branded KWs to ranking for 228 top 10 non-branded KWs. This growth has resulted in monumental gains in clicks and organic sessions, and in brand awareness, as measured by impressions and overall search visibility.


Increase in
organic traffic


Increase in top 10 non-branded keyword rankings


Increase in new-traffic driving featured snippets

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