John Muir Health is a regional healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay area. Before starting work with Wheelhouse DMG in 2019, John Muir worked with another digital advertising agency for several years, never achieving the results they hoped for an needed. One of their most critical, longstanding goals was to increase appointment bookings for several specialty practices – particularly obstetrics and pediatrics. A great deal of time and money had been invested to this end but results just never improved.

Our Work

Upon assuming management of this client’s digital advertising efforts, we began to audit and analyze their campaigns. Almost immediately, we noticed issues in the way campaigns were structured and being managed that were impeding performance.

In particular, a common campaign had been created to support three different business goals – each of which had wildly different value for the client.

Because of mismanagement, the lowest value goal was consistently consuming a majority of the available budget, effectively precluding the higher value, specialty appointments the client needed

The Results

We quickly restructured the account, dynamically allocating budget among discrete campaigns based on a combination of business value and provider capacity at any given point in time.


Increase in calls to set appointments for pediatrics


Increase in calls to set appointments for obstetrics


Decrease in
cost per call

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