Lighter Capital is an alternative funding source for high-growth technology companies. Founded in 2012, Lighter Capital typically provides revenue-based expansion capital without requiring equity in return.

The company originally came to Wheelhouse DMG for help with accelerating lead generation for its online funding application process.

Our Work

Our analysis of Lighter Capital’s paid search campaigns (which had been managed by another agency for the prior two years), showed tremendous opportunity for expansion and improvement – so we focused our initial efforts there to ensure we drove rapid increases for Lighter Capital and for our key stakeholder, who was new to her role when we were hired. Six months into our work together, Lighter Capital secured an additional $100 million to support funding for new clients. Their request to us? Give us as many qualified leads as you can.

With a solid paid search foundation under us, our team focused on campaign expansion leveraging paid social advertising for both audience targeting and amplification. We carefully built and managed our campaigns to maximize complementary interplay among paid search and paid social channels and spent the next few months on successive rounds of audience micro-segmentation and refinements to paid social bidding, both of which were driven by the kind of powerful data analysis that informs all Wheelhouse DMG work.

Over the course of the first six months of management, Wheelhouse DMG more than tripled lead generation while simultaneously reducing Cost Per Lead by 90 percent.

The Results

Wheelhouse DMG’s work drove stellar results for Lighter Capital. We increased lead volume 10-fold, increased conversion rate by 157% and simultaneously decreasing Cost Per Lead by 68%. And Lighter Capital has subsequently raised $200 million in additional funding to support high-growth startups.


Increase in
conversion rate


Subsequently raised in funding to support high growth start ups


Decrease in

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