This large health insurance client has been working with Wheelhouse DMG since 2014 in various capacities to help improve their overall digital visibility and organic search performance for their main website and various Member Company websites. After noting that the client’s web content did not perform as well in Organic search as their brand-name recognition would suggest, we proposed that they improve their organic search visibility and authority by migrating their large library of health website from a subdomain to a new and thoroughly optimized folder on their primary domain.

Our Work

Wheelhouse DMG helped support the migration by planning the process and managing the site structure updates, URL mapping, content migration, and reporting pre- and post-migration. Wheelhouse also tested content consolidation and optimization of content from the the Top 10 high-performing articles from their existing library and, through topical depth optimization, created more comprehensive and structured versions of those articles in the new environment in an attempt to achieve more organic search performance.

Throughout this process, technical specialists and developers, analysts and tagging engineers, and content specialists from various teams at Wheelhouse worked together seamlessly to ensure that we executed the work in a manner that would provide as much value as possible for both our client and the hundreds of thousands of users who would look to the content library for answers to crucial health questions.

The Results

As represented by the KPI data in the graphic below, the new content library subfolder drove significant overall year-over-year increases in organic sessions, dozens of new featured snippets, and improved search traffic for the top-performing articles that we optimized most extensively. Even more importantly, the success of the strategy helped clarify for the client the best next steps for other upcoming migrations and consolidations of their various digital properties, and also enabled them to better understand the needs, preferences and user journeys of their customers.


Increase in organic sessions


New featured snippets


Increase in organic search sessions for top articles

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