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Industry: Technology Rentals | Wheelhouse Client Since: 2016

The Story

Integrated Local SEO & SEM strategy drives a 47% increase in Organic leads – the strongest online lead generation effort in SmartSource’s company history.

Where We Started

SmartSource Rentals is one of the premier trade show, event and technology rental companies in the United States, with over 20 physical locations across the United States. Prior to working with Wheelhouse DMG, they had optimized their site for non-brand service and product offerings. They invested in blog post development, extensive link-building, video content, and some product-specific campaigns. When search engines – primarily Google – changed the SERP mix to highly localized results in 2016, SmartSource faced a new challenge: how best to leverage their nationwide presence to drive online leads.

Wheelhouse was brought in to help regain ground in Organic and Paid Search in early 2016, following a search penalty that created an additional hurdle for their lead generation efforts.

The Analysis

Wheelhouse DMG evaluated SmartSource’s organic search decline, their competitive atmosphere and the available opportunities for them to increase both organic traffic and web leads. Our teams were exhaustive in the evaluation and testing of various tactics, channels and initiatives and when successes were identified, iteration and testing continued. Rather than relying on a single channel, Wheelhouse pooled resources and collaborated to find the best possible results for SmartSource that drove true business value.

Integrating Local SEO & Paid Search

Wheelhouse DMG’s goal was to shift the focus of search away from service and product content to localized content that solved the needs of local event searchers while prioritizing lead gen form completion and driving users to onsite local pages that matched searcher intent.

Wheelhouse DMG focused on the following areas:

  • Content Creation (Local pages with unique, local content, and location sub-pages for popular products)
  • Local Listings Optimization (Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, and other local listing aggregators), including testing of virtual locations
  • Paid Search Campaign Configuration & Ongoing Management
  • Analytics Implementation Plan

The Results

Wheelhouse had previously been running non-brand advertising with success. However, when we began localizing our ad targeting, customizing content, and creating local ads within in Google Maps, we saw skyrocketing success. The integrated campaign not only regained lost traction in organic search results for SmartSource, but drove the most online leads in company history. KPI improvements are listed below:


YOY organic traffic and leads increased 8% and 45% respectively.


YOY organic revenue and per session value increased 72% and 60% respectively.


Not only did paid search leads AND qualifications double YOY, but lead quality improved! The qualification rate improved 27% YOY.

Moving Forward

SmartSource recognizes that a local focus – and the Analytics to support it – will continue to be essential to generate maximum business from their digital properties. Wheelhouse DMG continues to partner with SmartSource to find the most valuable opportunities to respond to the ever-changing search landscape while also leveraging SmartSource’s competitive advantages and deep knowledge of their industry.

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